About us

Topol was founded 1982 as Topol J. Tobler and swiched 2009 to a public corporation.
Our motto is individuality and innovation and Topol AG realises its ideas creatively and flexibely with firbre-glass reinforced plastic.

Therefore Topol AG specializes in manufacturing of articles made of firbre-glass reinforced plastic. The products are distributet under the patent brand of SANEX ® for hospital and home needs in the sanitary and medical sector. Furthermore Topol AG offers distribution products for birth and post-delivery as well as special sanitary devices and facilities.

In the business sphere firbre-glass reinforced plastic is used for custom made products in industrial and construction sectors as well as in the architecture and design.
We focus our work on the person. Our responsibility applys to the human being. We believe devoutly that we'll achieve the satisfaction of our client's wishes by continuously improved quality of the products and our highly professional stuff only.

Therefore we check the quality of our products and our work regularly.
Topol AG is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.